Dangerous Potholes Require Urgent Attention Say Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are calling for more action to be taken with pot holes.

The Motorcycle Action Group is urging local authorities to do more regarding pot holes in the road.

In a bid to reduce the chances of motorcyclists getting seriously injured from potholes, MAG is doing its bit to help make local authorities aware of the threats posed by the potholes on UK roads.

National Pothole Day is a Real Thing

March the 8th was declared at National Pothole Day by UK campaigners, with the intention of doing more to help reduce the risk of injuries by potholes. MAG in particular have launched their own campaign that asks bikers themselves to assist in the fixing of potholes on UK roads. The campaign came about from recognising that motorcyclists and cyclists are the most vulnerable group of road users at risk of serious injury.

Colin Brown, the Director of Campaigns & Political Engagement at MAG had this to say to Bikers:

“Make a simple call to the local council or send an email about the road damage you’ve noticed, which could cost lives.
It only takes two minutes to tell your local authority about troublesome irregularities in the road. It’s essential to prevent spills. If we don’t tell them, they won’t know. If we do tell them, then they’ve got the responsibility to act. It’s as simple as that.”

Colin went on to add:

“Bikers are a hardy lot, but that won’t prevent dangerous accidents because of holes in the road. Hospital treatment is far more costly than fixing a pothole. We’re determined to work with the authorities to ensure road-related accidents are prevented before they happen.

Let’s help ourselves by giving them the information they need to stop avoidable – and potentially life-threatening – accidents. It’s common sense and easy to do.”

MAG went on to point out that poor pothole repair can actually worsen the situation. The frost can fracture a pothole repair if it is done poorly, meaning the repair is pointless and the damage could potentially be more dangerous than the original pothole.

A good pothole repair will lead to long lasting improvements and a road surface that doesn’t require maintenance as often.

What to do?

As a motorcyclist you should do all you can to protect yourself with high quality motorbike gear that looks after your body. It might cost a little bit extra and might not look as good as some of the trendy stuff, but the right gear could save your life in the event of an accident.

If you are confident that you have the right gear to protect your body if you happen to come off your bike, there is more you can do to help.

Take the time to contact the local authorities directly to report potentially dangerous potholes in the road. Even if you managed to avoid it, it’s only a matter of time before someone else falls victim.

The contact your local council and report a pothole, head over to: https://www.gov.uk/report-pothole and find out how you can make a difference to the quality and safety of UK roads.

Choosing your New Patio

At Central Paving, we have a wealth of experience in providing a range of patios in the area and our knowledgeable patio installers have the skills required to ensure you receive a quality patio. Patio installations cover a range of areas from a brand new patio installation on a stretch of land you have attached to your home or a full refurbish to the already existing patio that you may have. Either way, at Central Paving, we’ll ensure that your new patio and the exterior of your home looks excellent.

The patios we provide

One thing to consider is that your patio doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, at Central Paving we can work alongside you to design your patio and help you to achieve exactly what you want. We’ll also talk to you about the most cost-effective ways to create that stunning ‘brand new’ look for your patio. We specialise in a variety of products to help achieve your dream patio:

  • Como Cobblestones – These cobblestones are slightly aged when it comes to their appearance, but they’re excellent for creating new patios.
  • Sorrento Tumbled Setts – Sorrento Tumbled Setts have an attractive appearance and are the largest of the stone looking tumbled setts.
  • Plaspave Block Paving – This block paving is very versatile in patio installations and provides a range of pattern and design options for your patio.

What options are available?

At Central Paving, we can provide a wide range of different patio installations at your home or premises, so if you know what style you like, we can help you create this. Or should you be unsure of the pattern to choose for your patio, we can help by providing guidance and advice. Should you require bricks, tiles, pebbles, gravel, concrete and tarmac, these can all be incorporated into the range of block paving options that we have available.

Can features, steps, ramps or walls be included?

Yes, when you are having a new patio installed, if you’d like to upgrade the other areas of your garden then we can help with this. Surroundings such as walls and fences can form part of your patio renovation. Steps, ramps and paths are away of getting to your patio, as well as grass and land areas. This is something we can discuss with you and input into the patio design.

How long does a patio installation take?

The completion time of project will depend on a number of factors, this includes the materials used and the size of the patio. Once we have all of the details in place we will be able to provide you with an estimated time of how long the project is going to take. At Central Paving we will work efficiently to make sure that your patio is installed quickly and efficiently.

How much does a new patio cost?

At Central Paving as all of our services are totally bespoke, we’ll provide a custom quote which will depend on your requirements. After we have gathered all of your information including the materials you’re using, the size of your patio, additional features, patterns and any additional components, we can provide you with your new patio quote.

When looking to find out the cost of a new patio or to find out how long a project will take, it’s best to get in touch so we can talk to you about your ideas. This way, we can provide you with a far more accurate quote and help you to get the answers you need. For more information, call our team today.

Maintaining your Driveway

It’s important to make sure that your imprint concrete driveway looks perfect all of the time and at Central Paving, we can help you make sure that it does. As we’re experts in driveway installations, this means that our team of specialists have both the knowledge and experience required to know how to care for and maintain your drive.

Maintenance for your imprint concrete driveway

At Central Paving, our specialist paving contractors have put together a range of useful information as well as helpful tips on showing your how to sustain your concrete imprint driveway…

Will the weather affect my concrete imprint drive?

During your driveway installation, our team will make sure that we work inline with the predicted weather conditions to make sure that this doesn’t effect your new driveway. We’ll also make sure that we accommodate the bad weather as much as possible, so if the weather takes a turn for the worst, we’ll stop the installed process and continue when the weather has cleared up. Our experience means that our team of professional driveway installers can deal with the majority of conditions, however severe rain and cold temperatures could interrupt the installation.

Maintaining your concrete drive will also depend on the weather conditions and how they may affect the driveway, should the drive be open to effects of bad weather, such as rain and snow, you’ll have to provide a number of driveway maintenance guidelines, this will include cleaning and applying the seal.

Concrete driveway installation

Cleaning and reapplying driveway sealer

Cleaning your concrete driveway and ensuring it’s sealed is usually the best way to maintain your driveway and make sure that it always looks its best. How often you clean and reseal this depends on the weather and the amount of vehicle traffic that is received. You should only reseal a concrete driveway every two years and you will be able to tell when the finish has started to show wear and requires a reseal. Concrete sealant and sealers are available from concrete material suppliers and hardware stores. At Central Paving our driveway contractors can recommend the right products for you and your driveway.

Removing stains

Concrete sealers are to help protect from stain absorption but if your driveway is exposed to oil, gasoline, grease or any other potential spillages, you should make sure that you still clean these substances away. If this discolours your driveway, then pressure washing and certain cleaning solutions can usually remove the majority of stains.

Don’t use deicing chemicals

Decicers are a popular products in winter, but when using them it’s important to take care when using them as they can cause surface damage, this tends to be from scaling and spalling, forcing the thawing and refreezing of the moisture. Products which include ammonium nitrates and sulphates can be harmful because they will attack the concrete chemically. Rock salt or calcium chloride do less damage but can harm vegetation, like plants you may have on your driveway, as well as corroding metal.

Treat with care

Although concrete is one of the most durable paving materials when it comes to driveway construction, the typical residential driveways isn’t really designed to support heavy materials like vans and construction equipment, so it’s important to consider this. As well as taking care when ploughing or shovelling your driveway, try and avoid the use of metal blades as they may scrape or scratch the surface.

For more information, speak to our team!

Should you have any further questions or require any advice regarding maintaining your driveway, feel free to ask our team today. Our specialists have a wealth of knowledge and are more than happy to assist.


Embarrassed about the front of your home?

Are you embarrassed about the front of your home, whether you’d like a new driveway installation, or an intense clean or a spruce up, we can help!

Driveway Cleaning

When it comes to driveway surfaces and cement, they can be one of the most challenging surfaces to clean, they’re very porous which means dirt can sink in and make permanent stains, that will require further attention than just a simple clean. To clean more effectively, power washers are great along with professional cleaners made especially for driveways. So there’s no point in using normal everyday cleaners, you’re going to need to use something more industrial.

There’s some other areas to consider when preparing for a full driveway clean, this includes the size of the areas that require cleaning and how long it may take to finish the clean. The usual driveway space can be anything from below 18’ x 30’ to over 20’ x 80’. That means you could be pressure washing your driveway for a long time!

You can always hire a professional driveway cleaner, a cleaning contractor will have all the necessary equipment and tools to ensure a quality clean. Should you have any questions, the team at Central Paving will be more than happy to help.


New Driveway Installation

Should the front of your home be beyond a spruce up, it may be time for a new driveway. Having a new driveway installed will bring life to the front of your house, making it look visually appealing, as well as updating the front of your home.

Another reason to have a new driveway installed is that a new installation will mean less work for you. Having an old drive means you may have to spend time and money on costly repairs. A old drive could take up hours of your time when making it look presentable, whereas a new installed surface won’t require nowhere near as much maintenance. At Central Paving, we only provide low maintenance driveways which will constantly look great.

As mentioned before, a new driveway will save on pricey repairs, choosing a one off cost of replacing your driveway, will end up saving you a lot more money. Patched driveways don’t really look great, so if you do feel like you’re always having to fill a crack in here and a pot hole there, it may be time for a new installation.

A great reason to have a new driveway installed is that it will add value to your home. If you’re looking to sell your property, a pristine driveway will add value and encourage the sell ability of your home and more people will want to purchase it. A gleaming driveway will make a great impression, making your home more attractive and people more likely to want to purchase it as they won’t have to look into getting a new driveway when they purchase the home.

When it comes to your home, everyone likes to add a personal touch to their property and what better way than with a new driveway. There’s a range of options available including concrete imprint, block paving, resin bound, tarmac and plaspave block paving.

Should you be interested in a having a new driveway installed, well look no further, our team of specialists can help. For more information and a free quote, call Central Paving today!

Is Your Garden Stopping You From Living Outside?

Many of us have gardens and would love to spend more time in them, but is yours holding you back. Most gardens are overgrown or simply are designed for people spending time in them. The garden should be an extension of your home and the style should flow throughout.

The garden should reflect you and the needs of your household, so if you’re wanting to host parties or spend family time in the garden then it’s time to invest in some garden maintenance. No matter how big or small your garden might be, there’s no reason why it can’t be spruced up for you to make the most of it.

What Could Be Holding Your Garden Back

There are a number of things that could be holding your garden back and stopping you from enjoying outside living. You shouldn’t just do up you garden because you need to, you should work out what style you want and if you want to bring the style you have inside into your garden.

There are a number of issues that could be stopping you from enjoying outside living and it’s important to understand what is holding your garden back. Some of the main things that could be holding your garden back are:

  • Overgrown – Many gardens become overgrown, especially after winter or if you’ve just moved into a property. Some overgrown gardens can be quickly spruced up whereas others will need a complete overall.
  • Untidy – Patio areas can quickly become overgrown or fully of grime and dirt. Patios should be swept and hosed down regularly to keep them looking great.
  • Not Fit For Purpose – Garden that aren’t fit for purpose might be ones that are full of concrete and the family has very young children. To replace areas like this you will need to have your garden overhauled with turf, block paving or a mixture of both.
  • Unsafe – When gardens are left unmaintained for many years, they can become unsafe especially when plants overgrown and paving cracks. This will usually require a full overhaul to get it back in good order.

Sprucing Up Your Garden and Enjoy Outdoor Living

There are many things that can be done to spruce up your garden. To live a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to enjoy the outdoors as much as you enjoy the indoors. Transforming your garden can be done in a number of ways. Some of the most popular ways to overhaul a garden are with landscaping and patios.

Patio Refurbishment

Patios become tired when they aren’t maintained correctly and although some can be spruced back up, others will need replacing. With patio refurbishment, you can have a smaller or larger patio than your existing one. The choice of colours is yours and we can design patios in almost any pattern.


When gardens are uneven or badly overgrown they might need clearing and landscaping to get them back in good order. Landscaping will smooth over your garden and give you a much more usable space that you can then design the way you want. Gardens that have been landscaped can be tailored to suit your exact requirements; meaning they’ll perfectly suit the style of outdoor living you’re wanting to embrace and enjoy.

What To Do Next?

If you’re in need of a garden refurbishment, then be sure to get in touch with Central Paving. Our team of specialists are always on hand to provide advice and guidance on how you can transform your garden. We have years of experience transforming gardens.

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