At Central Paving, we are specialists when it comes to building work in Chesterfield and we have been providing our services to customers for many years now. We know all of the ins and outs of building work and we believe we should be your first and only choice for building work in Chesterfield. We are equipped with an ever growing portfolio and a reputation for producing quality finishes on every job we complete.

Roof Repairs & Installations

We know that your home is probably your largest investment, which is why keeping your roof in good condition is of the utmost importance. At Central Paving, we are here to help safeguard that investment by offering a full roofing repair and roof replacement service to all of our clients in Chesterfield. All of our services are provided by professionals who are capable of offering expert advice to all of our customers at a truly competitive price.

All of our services are provided by professionals who are capable of offering expert advice to all of our customers at truly competitive prices.

Fascias & Soffits

Here at Central Paving, we know that Fascias & Soffits are essential components for your home because they protect your roof from the harsh elements and help to prevent expensive damage. UPVC Fascias & Soffits provide a very cost effective and long term solution to wood rot and decay and it is the ideal replacement for timber in your roof. Why would you want to risk wood rot causing significant damage to your home? Don’t allow yourself to pay out more money than is necessary when Central Paving have a quick and easy solution.

Man Holes & Drainage

Central Paving have been providing a wide array of drainage services to the people of Chesterfield for many, many years. We value each and every one of our customers and don’t like to see them suffer from foul stenches and the like. Don’t put yourself through the horrible affair of drainage overflows or blockages and such, call Central Paving today for assistance!

Regardless of whether you want to enhance your home or want to add value to your property, if you use Central Paving for all of your pointing and brickwork, we are able to improve the appearance and value of your property tenfold. Do you have a wall with gaps in the mortar caused by the harsh elements and decay? Well, they look unattractive and can let in water, causing even more significant, long-term damage to your property.

Wall Installations

Conservatories & Other Extensions

At Central Paving, we have worked in the industry for many years meaning we have produced some magnificent extensions in our time throughout Chesterfield. We love building and adore providing wonderful extensions for your home. The benefits of building a conservatory and other extensions include the increased living space, a predominantly glazed structure brings the garden into your home, especially if you have a wonderful patio area (which Central Paving can ALSO provide). Conservatories also offer stunning ambient light for your home. With our experience, we are happy to advise you on the different extensions and conservatories that we are able to install and help you find the perfect one for your home.

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If you are looking for a company who care about and value each and every one of their customers, look no further than Central Paving. We try our very best to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every service we provide, including all of our building work services. We don’t believe in ‘skimping out’ on our customers which is why we offer competitive prices for our services. All of the building work that we produce throughout Chesterfield is of the highest quality and we vow never to rest until all of our clients are completely and utterly happy with all of the services that we have provided for them in Chesterfield.

Can Central Paving deal with all aspects of building work?

We cover most aspects of outdoor domestic building work.

We specialise in driveway installations and replacements, although we can also install fascias and soffits, conservatories and extensions, as well as offering roof repair and installation services.

Walls, fences, gates and patios also form part of the overall building services we provide.

Can Central Paving build upstairs extensions?

If the right structures are in place to do so, then we will usually be able to. We can extend both the upstairs and downstairs of your property if the building/environment allows us to do so.

If I want a new wall, will you knock my old wall down for me first?

Of course. We wouldn’t expect anyone to tear down their old wall so we can build a new one. In fact, it’s better for us to see where the wall you currently have sits. This makes it easy to plan and design your new wall.

Can Central Paving build steps, ramps or paths?

Steps, ramps and paths can all be built by Central Paving as a way of enhancing your home. With new, additional features, you can in fact add value to your property.

Paths, steps and ramps leading up to front and back doors are extremely popular. Steps and paths in particular are subjected to high levels of wear and tear on a daily basis from foot traffic and the outdoor elements, and unfortunately do not last forever. We can replace both the steps and the path leading up to your front door for you, providing it is part of your property.

How much does building work cost?

The cost of building work can vary depending on what work you want doing. We can create unique, custom quotes depending on what you want doing and the measurements you give to us. Materials and sizes are an important aspect as we will need to determine the cost of parts and labour.

Get in touch to speak to someone or fill in our quick quote form for a speedy reply. The more details you give to us regarding a project, the more accurate your quote will be.

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