If you need to change the driveway of your Derby home, then you should call our team at Central Paving. We have the years of experience and have all of the skills and expertise needed to professionally install a beautiful driveway to your home. We have installed tarmac driveways, block paving driveways and many more.


Why Install A New Driveway

Everyone has their own reasons for installing a new driveway. Some of the most popular are:

    • If you have recently purchased your house, and the existing driveway might not be for you.
    • You might think that the driveway is wrong for the style of your home.
    • You may never have had a properly installed driveway.
    • Your driveway may be in disrepair.
  • You may want to add to the resale value of your property.

The reason why you want a new driveway aren’t important. What is important is that you have a professionally installed driveway and that it’s the right kind of driveway for you. You can contact us on 01246 508256, email us or get in touch using the contact form on our website. A member of our team would be more than happy to discuss your driveway needs.

Types Of Driveway

There’s many different kinds of driveway available, from a traditional tarmac drive, to a block paving in a modern design. Our team will can help you decide which one would be right for your Derby property. We take everything into consideration when designing your driveway. From the style of your home to the what kind of drive would suit it best. We’ll always have your needs at the forefront of our services, as well as your budget and personal taste. You may already have something in mind when you talk to us, and we can take your ideas and turn them into a stunning driveway for you.

Tarmac Driveway

A tarmac driveway looks clean and neat. It works well with almost every property style, and it does add to the value of your home. It’s a low cost driveway option, but still makes a beautiful addition. While tarmac is easy to install, we don’t recommend trying it yourself, as it does require specialist equipment and expertise. There are many advantages for a tarmac driveway.

  • It’s very affordable
  • It’s durable, and can last for more than 15 years
  • It does need maintained, but this is inexpensive
  • It’s resistant to staining from gasoline and chemical spills

Block Paving Driveway

Block paving driveways can be installed in any kind of design, from the simple, like straight contrasting lines, to the more intricate, like herringbone patterns or spirals. Our block paving is available in a huge range of sizes, shapes, colours and stone, so pretty much any design is possible. There’s a huge number of benefits to a block paving driveway.

  • It’s very attractive
  • There’s very little maintenance, or even no maintenance in most cases
  • It’s very long lasting
  • There’s many colours, shapes and sizes available, so there’s no limit to the design possibilities
  • It’s resistant to adverse weather conditions, like frost

Why have a new driveway installed?

It may be tempting to put the upgrade or replacement of your driveway on the backburner, but when you do decide to go ahead with a new drive installation, the team at Central Paving can help. We provide a full installation service across Derby and the surrounding areas, here are the benefits of having a new driveway…

Enhancing the exterior of your property
Whilst you may decide that you’re spending the rest of your life in your current home, the future may hold a different path and circumstances can change quite quickly. So it’s always a good idea to view your house as a financial investment as well as a home. In this day and age, your home exterior is just as important as the interior. A new driveway won’t just look great, it will also add value to your home, so what are you waiting for.

Improved curb appeal
Driveway options aren’t limited to just plain tarmac, now there’s a range of new driveway choices out there. From concrete imprint, block paving to Indian sandstone, there’s so much you can choose from. From making a statement with a unique block paving design to something plain and classic, it’s amazing the difference that new driveways can make to the exterior of your home.

Increased safety
Having a heavily degraded driveway won’t only look unattractive, but they can also be a safety hazard, with excessive weed growth, cracked stones and sunken areas of the driveway, these can all be dangerous for pedestrians, especially children and wheelchair users. When upgrading your driveway, this also means you’re upgrading the safety and security of your home. Whether it’s replacing broken or dislodged block paving slabs, resealing your driveway or opting for a completely new installation, it may mean your less likely to have an accident around your home.

Once you’ve had your driveway upgraded it will last for years to come, long lasting durability is the common theme that runs through all of our patio and driveway services. A new driveway installation will need little maintenance.

Adding Value to your Property with a New Driveway

Should you already have a driveway or not, they’re surprisingly a great investment as they’ll add value to your home. Having a parking area close by to your home is a big advantage, so having the room to add parking in a tasteful way can definitely increase the value of your home. When it comes to having a new driveway installed in Nottingham, we can help, we specialise in a range of new driveways and will make sure that your home looks great as well as adding value to it.

If you’re considering having a brand-new driveway built or it’s a replacement driveway you’d like, then its important to see if you’re going to need planning permission. Or another option which won’t require planning permission is adding a gravel driveway or block paving, these are porous and will also incorporate a natural drainage system.

If you are adding value to your property with a new driveway, the team at Central Paving have you covered, our vast experience has shown that a new driveway can add around 5% to 10% value onto your home. This could be up to £22,000 based on the average value of your home. What’s more is we will also make sure that your driveway complements existing paths and patios, or utilise our full service and have a new pathway and patio installed too. For more information on our new driveway services in Derby, call Central Paving today.

What Makes Our Driveways Great

The driveways we offer to customers throughout Derby and the surrounding areas, includes our tarmac driveways and our block paved driveways.

On all driveways that we install, we strive to achieve some of the best possible finishes in the Derby area. Our team of driveway installers will work closely with you to understand your requirements for a driveway. From design to installation, our team will ensure you end up with the perfect driveway.

Competitively Priced

At central paving all the driveways that we install, we offer some of the most competitively priced driveways in the Derby area. At Central Paving, we believe in offering high quality driveways at affordable prices. We never compromise on quality and our expert team will work with you to find the right driveway for your budget and requirements. For a driveway installation quote, please feel free to get in touch with the Central Paving team, and they’ll happily arrange one for you.

Durable Surface Options

When it comes to our driveways, whether it be tarmac or blocked paved, we only use the highest quality materials. We offer one of the highest standard of driveways installations, in the Derby area; the driveways we install are built to last. A good quality driveway will last for many years, no matter how much foot or vehicle traffic passes over it.

Various Styles to Choose From

When it comes to our driveways, there are a number of styles available to choose from. With our blocks, you can choose from a range of colours, sizes and shapes. Tarmac can easily be moulded to fit any shape or size space and it also comes in a selection of vibrant colours. The options don’t end there though, blocks can be laid in various patterns, from set templates to your own design, the options are endless. Our team at Central Paving will work with you to choose the best option for your Derby property.

For Driveways in Derby – Choose Central Paving

There are many reasons why you should choose Central Paving when looking for a brand-new driveway to enhance your Derby home. With that said, we thought we would outline a few of the reasons for you.

Customer Care

At Central Paving, we care about and value each and every one of our customers. We strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction, putting every single ounce of effort that we have into all of the driveway services that we offer to our customers throughout Derby. We are confident that we can provide unparalleled driveways to keep everyone we work with happy.

Competitive Prices

Central Paving pride ourselves not only on the quality of our work, but our competitive prices, too. Offering truly magnificent driveways at such cost-effective prices surely benefits all of our customers in Derby. Are you interested in our driveway services in Derby? If so, you can fill out a form and one of our amazing team will be in contact with you as soon as possible. If you wish to inquire about our amazingly competitive prices, you can also get in touch with us directly to speak to a member of our professional team.

Driveway Installation Derby

Central Paving have many years of experience in installing all kinds of driveway. Our team pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, skilled craftsmanship and quality materials. We are members of Plaspave and Trustatrader.com, so when you order your drive from us, you know you’re getting a high class service.
We are a family run business, and we believe that recommendations from our previous clients are incredibly valuable. With that in mind, we offer a discount on the first two driveway installations in a new area. Get in touch with us today and you could take advantage of this offer.

For Driveways in Derby Contact Central Paving

When you first get in contact with us for a new driveway for your Derby home, you can call us directly on 01246 508256. Alternatively, you can send us an email, or use the contact form on our website, and a member of our team will get in touch with you. We will discuss all of your needs, requirements and ideas, before coming up with a design and materials for your driveway. We will provide you with a written quote.
When you place your order, our team will arrange to visit your home to commence work. Our team are completely dedicated to installing a beautiful driveway at your home. We only use high quality materials from trusted manufacturers, so your driveway will be fitted to the highest possible standard.

When it comes to driveways in Derby, we also cover the following areas: Sheffield, Alfreton, Worksop, Dronfield, RotherhamRipley, Arnold, Calverton, Long Eaton, and Mansfield.

Frequently Asked Questions About Driveways in Derby

Does the Weather Affect the Driveway Installation?

We carry out driveway installations all year around, to ensure we offer the best possible services to our customers. Although we offer driveway installations all year round, they may take longer during the winter months, due to varying weather conditions.

When Will You Start Work on My Driveway?

We aim to carry out and complete all driveways as efficiently as possible. Once you’ve chosen your materials and design, we will order the materials and get started as soon as they arrive. An exact time frame can be hard to give, as we depend on how quickly the materials arrive to how busy we are.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Driveway?

Planning permission is generally not needed for driveways, however each council has their own independent regulations, so we recommend checking with them first. Regulations came into effect in 2008 to minimise the problem of flooding in particular areas, so in order to have a driveway installed your driveway needs to either be porous or have its own drainage systems to meet with regulations.

I Have an Old Concrete Driveway, Can you Tarmac Over It?

Most concrete drives are suitable for having a tarmac overlay. There are several factors which need to be taken into account such as the current state of the concrete drive. Existing drives that have cracks or are damaged might need repairing before any tarmac is laid. Get in touch with Central Paving and we’ll be happy to arrange for one of our team to come and carry out an inspection.

How Much Maintenance do Tarmac Driveways Need?

As a material tarmac has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, it is an extremely hard-wearing surface that needs little maintenance. We suggest cleaning down your tarmac driveway at least twice a year with weed killer and surface treatment, to help extend the lifespan of your tarmac drive.

Can I Customise my Tarmac?

Tarmac driveways offer a range of customisation options, at Central Paving our tarmac driveways are available in several colours. In addition to colours they can also be edged off with bricks, stones or clay tiles, to create a more decorative look.

Can I Extend my Existing Tarmac Driveway?

Yes, if you have an existing tarmac driveway and it’s in good condition, then it can easily be extended. Our driveways experts will come and carry out an inspection of your existing tarmac drive, to ensure it can extended.

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