When you start thinking about installing a new driveway you should think about tarmac. It’s a versatile material, and one that can make a beautiful driveway, as long as it has been properly installed. Central Paving has years of experience in installing tarmac driveways so when you need a new driveway in Derby, you should call us for a quote.

Central Paving – Professional Tarmac Driveway Installers

Central Paving is a family run business where customer service and customer satisfaction is our primary concern. You can contact us by phone on 01246 508256, email us, or use the contact form on our website. A member of our team will then be in touch with you to talk about what you need from your driveway, what you want it to look like, the style of your home and any other considerations. We will then provide you with a written quote. Once you order your driveway with us, we will arrange an appropriate date for the work to begin.

Our team of highly skilled, experienced driveway installers will provide a first class service. They will work diligently until you have the driveway of your dreams. They have all the equipment and expertise needed to install the driveway. Some people do try to install their own tarmac driveways, but we really don’t recommend this. It does need specialist equipment and knowledge. Get in touch with Central Paving today for a quote.

Why Choose A Tarmac Driveway?

When you begin thinking about a new driveway, you’ll begin to realise that you have many more options than you might have thought. Tarmac is one of your options, and for many people, it’s the best option. It has a number of advantages that many Derby homeowners find appealing.

  • Cost – tarmac is one of the lower cost options for driveways. It’s one of the most affordable
  • Appearance – tarmac will give a classic, clean look to your driveway. It’s suitable for almost every style of home. It can give a traditional style, or it can be laid with a more modern design
  • Maintenance – tarmac is very low maintenance, and the cost of any maintenance is very low
  • Resistance – tarmac is resistant to staining. It’s also resistant to weather damage
  • Durability – tarmac is very durable, and as long as the proper maintenance is carried out, it can last for more than 15 years
  • Value – tarmac is a cost effective way of adding to the resale value of your property

Tarmac Maintenance

Once we have installed a tarmac driveway to your Derby property, we can advise you on how to care and maintain it. We recommend keeping vehicle off the tarmac for a few days. If the tarmac hasn’t properly hardened and set, but has been driven on, you will see the indentations from the vehicle. You will usually be able to walk on your new driveway almost immediately.

We would recommend applying a specialised sealant to the tarmac after it has been installed for about a year. This specialised sealant can help to increase the longevity of your driveway. Basically, if you take good care of it, it can last a lifetime. It is possible for tarmac to appear scuffed, if you turn the wheels of a stopped car for example. However, if you take care to allow your tarmac driveway to properly set, then this won’t be an issue.
Heavy items can cause indentations on soft tarmac. Hot weather and climates can cause the tarmac to soften, but this isn’t usually a problem in Derby, or the rest of the UK. If you do notice your tarmac softening from heat, you can hose it with cold water, which will temporarily harden it up again. When the weather cools, the tarmac will harden permanently.

Contact Central Paving for Tarmac Driveway Installation in Derby

If you’re interested in having a tarmac driveway installed and you’re based in or around the Derby area, then be sure to get in touch with Central Paving. One of the reasons why tarmac is popular is because it’s resistant to staining, gasoline, and chemicals. If you want any advice on installing a tarmac driveway for your Derby home, or you would like a quote, one of our team would be happy to talk with you. You can call us on 01246 508256, email us, or use the contact form on our website.


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