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Are you looking for a company that offers tarmac driveways in Sheffield, values their customers, puts them first and strives to achieve perfection with each and every job they take on? If so, look no further than Central Paving.

We are specialists when it comes to all things tarmac in Sheffield. Offering amazing tarmac driveways to all of our customers in Sheffield, Central Paving are always on hand to take your call and deal with any questions or queries that you may have regarding tarmac driveways. Operating as tarmac driveway installers in Sheffield for many years now, we have been able to develop and hone some of the key skills needed to ensure that every single one of our tarmac drives is installed to the highest possible standard. We are extremely proud of the quality of our tarmac and overall services, and with that said, we believe we should be your first and only port of call for tarmac driveways in Sheffield.

We value each and every one of our customers and strive to achieve perfection with all of the tarmac drives that we install throughout Sheffield. What better way to improve the appearance and value of your home than having a brand new tarmac driveway installed at your Sheffield home? After many years experience from working in the tarmac industry, we understand exactly what it takes to meet the needs of our customers, producing high quality tarmac driveways in Sheffield that suit you and your home.

Why Choose Tarmac Driveways?

If you are considering rejuvenating the external area of your Sheffield home, tarmac driveways are one of the best ways to do that. Tarmac driveways are a truly excellent choice to replace your current, worn out driveway, if you have one. We are blessed with a simply fantastic team who have the ability to enhance the look of your driveway by adding certain additions to your tarmac driveway in Sheffield, such as stones, brick and clay tiles. Tarmax is a bituminous material that is laid when it is hot and pliable. It is a brilliant product to install driveways with, due to its flexibility, durability and longevity. Whilst it is in its soft state, it is levelled and compacted to take on the exact shape and gradient of the driveway. After it has been laid it is left to cool down and harden, which helps bind the particles together, this helps to bind the particles together to create an extremely durable surface that looks very easy on the eye.

At Central Paving, we offer our tarmac drives in a number of different styles and colours, which allows you to have a say in the look and design of your tarmac driveways in Sheffield. We work closely with all of our customers to find out their needs and requirements, to ensure that we meet them, time and time again. Tarmac is a very strong contender when it comes to finding not only the most hard-wearing surface, but also the most economical. There are a number of reasons for this; it’s ability to withstand the harsh elements such as wind, rain, snow and blistering heat being just one of them. It also requires very little maintenance, which means you can rest easy knowing that, no matter how many vehicles are putting pressure on your wonderful tarmac driveways in Sheffield, it will not crack.

Weather Resistant & Durable – Tarmac Driveways from Central Paving

Tarmac has many advantages over materials such as block, so we thought we would outline two of the main advantages of using tarmac for your driveways in Sheffield. The main advantage of using tarmac is its ability to stand tough during the months in which harsh weather is common. No matter the weather in Sheffield, be it hail, sleet, snow, wind, rain or heat, tarmac will not falter in providing you with a brilliant driveway. Tarmac driveways in sheffield will always have some sort of weather condition thrown at it, day after day, so the tarmac itself needs to be able to withstand all weather types. Due to its many years worth of development, our tarmac is as good as it can be.

Your tarmac driveways will also need to withstand the heavy weight and pressure that vehicles place upon it, without it giving in to damage. This is a huge benefit to homes in Sheffield with more than one vehicle, as it provides a truly fantastic, durable place to park all of your vehicles. Compared to other materials, tarmac is one at withstanding pressure. For example, block paving can crack and be damaged quite easily compared to tarmac, due to it’s less compact nature.

Benefits Of Using Tarmac

  • Durability
  • Long Lasting
  • Easy To Repair
  • Water Resistant
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy To Maintain

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Central Paving strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction with every tarmac driveway installation that we complete in Sheffield. Witnessing the customer’s face light up with a glowing smile when they see their simply stunning tarmac driveway for the first time is magical. We put every single ounce of effort that we have into installing your tarmac drives in Sheffield, which is why we firmly believe we should be your first and only port of call for tarmac driveways throughout Sheffield and the surrounding areas. We undertake jobs of all sizes here at Central Paving, in order to ensure that we meet all of our client’s needs and requirements, time after time. We also give every tarmac driveway installation in Sheffield the care and attention to detail that is needed in order to complete them to the highest standard possible, and we work on your tarmac driveway as if we were working on our very own.

Looking to enhance the appearance of your home, whilst receiving a durable and stunning tarmac driveway? If so, you have certainly come to the right place. We have got you covered for all of your tarmac needs, so why not give us a call? You can also fill out a quick form to receive a FREE QUOTE from one of our team, who will be out to you as soon as possible. We have the expertise needed to give you a great looking driveway for your home in Sheffield, to be enjoyed by all for many years to come. We strive to deliver excellence time after time, thanks to the skills that we have been able to develop throughout our many years within the tarmac driveway industry in Sheffield, we should be the ones to install your tarmac driveway in Sheffield.

Tarmac Driveways FAQs

Why should I choose a tarmac driveway for my property in Sheffield?

At Central Paving we believe that tarmac driveways are one of the best and most affordable surfacing options for drives. Tarmac offers an extremely durable surface, which can withstand a great amount of pressure and varying temperatures.

I have an old concrete driveway, can you tarmac over it?

Most concrete drives in are suitable for having a tarmac overlay. There are several factors that need to be taken into account such as the current state of the concrete drive. Existing drives that have cracks or are damaged might need repairing before tarmac is laid. Get in touch with Central Paving and we’ll be happy to arrange for one of our team to come and carry out an inspection at your Sheffield property.

Is it possible to extend my current tarmac driveway?

Yes, if you have an existing tarmac driveway and it’s in good condition, then it can easily be extended. Our driveways experts will come and carry out an inspection of your existing tarmac drive, to ensure it can extended. We cover the whole of Sheffield and the surrounding areas for our tarmac driveways.

Can I customise my tarmac?

Tarmac driveways offer a range of customisation options, at Central paving our tarmac driveways are available in in several colours. In addition to colours they can also be edged off with bricks, stones or clay tiles, to create a more decorative look.

How much maintenance do tarmac driveways need?

As a material, tarmac has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, it’s an extremely hard wearing surface that needs very little maintenance. We suggest cleaning down your tarmac driveway at least twice a year with weed killer and surface treatment, to help extend the lifespan of your tarmac drive.

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