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Learn how to transform your patio with our 5 top tips

During the summer months, wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy a superb looking patio that provides a relaxing zone for you to live outside your home? Well, you can; and we’re here to tell you how.

What to do with your patio outside?

There are plenty of things that you can do to transform the outside living areas of your home. You might consider upgrading your driveway at the front of your home or you might be thinking of innovative ways to make the patio at the rear or side of your home look nicer. Below, we reveal 5 of the best ways to enhance your patio and ensure you and your family have a better place to spend time during the warmer months. Let’s begin!

1. Create a cooking area

If you love food then a BBQ/outdoor cooking area would be highly suited to you. Rather than spending everyday confined to the realms of your kitchen, why not take the time to consider ways you can enhance your patio with a cooking area. When the sun comes out to play, fire up your BBQ and enjoy cooking in your garden. We are sure your family and friends wouldn’t say no to a burger or too either…

2. Build shelter for harsh weather

If you are worried about the weather, why not consider adding shelter? For those on a budget, a tabled with an umbrella might be an option, as would a free-standing marquee to protect you when you eat. You might also consider extending the roofing of your home so that you can sit snuggly next to it. Take the time to consider all patio shelter options and you can enjoy your garden through all 4 seasons, rather than just the summer.

3. Invest in a new surface

Buying a new patio is one of the best ways of bringing it back to life, especially if your patio is old and the surface is worn. There are several block paving options available when it comes to resurfacing your patio area, so it’s worth taking the time to get a quote and find out how much it would cost to get a new patio for our garden at home.

4. Make it your go-to place for relaxing

Even if you only have a small patio area to work with, there is plenty that can be done to make it your go-to place for relaxing when you are at home. Investing in a bench, swing seat or table and chairs can mean you have somewhere to sit at least. Other furnishings or decor can help you to make it your own as you decorate it in a unique way that suits you.

5. Think outside the box

Look past the patio itself and the think about how you can enhance your whole garden. Consider getting a new fence, wall or even steps to make the whole area a lot more inviting and accessible. Steps can be used to connect a garden and a patio more effectively, while new (or newly decorated) fences and walls can bring your garden surrounds a new, fresh look that makes you want to spend time in it.

How can we help?

Central Paving offer a range of paving solutions to help you enhance your patio. Call us today for a FREE estimate over the phone and we can arrange a suitable time to visit your property. This way we can measure up and provide you with a more accurate quote. Thanks for reading – We look forward to hearing from you soon!