14th March 2018 admin

Choosing your New Patio

At Central Paving, we have a wealth of experience in providing a range of patios in the area and our knowledgeable patio installers have the skills required to ensure you receive a quality patio. Patio installations cover a range of areas from a brand new patio installation on a stretch of land you have attached to your home or a full refurbish to the already existing patio that you may have. Either way, at Central Paving, we’ll ensure that your new patio and the exterior of your home looks excellent.

The patios we provide

One thing to consider is that your patio doesn’t have to cost a small fortune, at Central Paving we can work alongside you to design your patio and help you to achieve exactly what you want. We’ll also talk to you about the most cost-effective ways to create that stunning ‘brand new’ look for your patio. We specialise in a variety of products to help achieve your dream patio:

  • Como Cobblestones – These cobblestones are slightly aged when it comes to their appearance, but they’re excellent for creating new patios.
  • Sorrento Tumbled Setts – Sorrento Tumbled Setts have an attractive appearance and are the largest of the stone looking tumbled setts.
  • Plaspave Block Paving – This block paving is very versatile in patio installations and provides a range of pattern and design options for your patio.

What options are available?

At Central Paving, we can provide a wide range of different patio installations at your home or premises, so if you know what style you like, we can help you create this. Or should you be unsure of the pattern to choose for your patio, we can help by providing guidance and advice. Should you require bricks, tiles, pebbles, gravel, concrete and tarmac, these can all be incorporated into the range of block paving options that we have available.

Can features, steps, ramps or walls be included?

Yes, when you are having a new patio installed, if you’d like to upgrade the other areas of your garden then we can help with this. Surroundings such as walls and fences can form part of your patio renovation. Steps, ramps and paths are away of getting to your patio, as well as grass and land areas. This is something we can discuss with you and input into the patio design.

How long does a patio installation take?

The completion time of project will depend on a number of factors, this includes the materials used and the size of the patio. Once we have all of the details in place we will be able to provide you with an estimated time of how long the project is going to take. At Central Paving we will work efficiently to make sure that your patio is installed quickly and efficiently.

How much does a new patio cost?

At Central Paving as all of our services are totally bespoke, we’ll provide a custom quote which will depend on your requirements. After we have gathered all of your information including the materials you’re using, the size of your patio, additional features, patterns and any additional components, we can provide you with your new patio quote.

When looking to find out the cost of a new patio or to find out how long a project will take, it’s best to get in touch so we can talk to you about your ideas. This way, we can provide you with a far more accurate quote and help you to get the answers you need. For more information, call our team today.