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How to Look After Your Concrete Driveway

Tips for Maintaining your Concrete Driveway

Chances are, you invested in a concrete driveway because you were told it would be easier to maintain in comparison to other driveway types – and this is TRUE. While concrete is certainly the easiest surface to maintain of all the driveway types out there, there are still things that can (and should) be done to look after your concrete driveway and make sure the surface looks better and lives longer.

6 Top Tips for Looking After Your Concrete Driveway

Central Paving have taken the time to provide you with our 6 top tips for looking after your concrete driveway. Carry on reading to find out how you can make sure your concrete drive remains in pristine condition for a more significant period of time.

1. Regular Cleaning

Your concrete driveway will look good for as long as you take the time to clean it. Concrete can look really dirty if it is left for a long time, which happens far often for our liking.

There is no set time for how long you should leave between cleans. If your driveway needs some TLC, get out your pressure washer and give it some care and attention. Regular cleaning will keep it looking fresh all year round.

2. Seal the Surface

Even the best driveway sealers will eventually wear out, not matter how much you spend on the very best sealer. The job of a driveway sealer is to prevent water getting into the porous surface and damaging it. It can also help to protect the surface from spillages and UV light degradation. So, to ensure your driveway stay protected, you’ll need to reseal the surface every 3-5 years, depending on how much use it gets. Driveways exposed to high levels of traffic on a day-to-day basis may need to be sealed more often.

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3. Don’t Use Chemicals or Deicer

Harsh chemicals, such as deicers, will have be one of the worse enemies to your concrete driveway. Deicers can actually eat into the surface, causing it to gradually deteriorate. When your driveway is icy and/or slippery, use sand to provide traction. This can easily be swept away or brushed to one side in the warmer months.

Grassy areas won’t thank you for using chemical products or deicers either.

4. Avoid Spillages

Look after your driveway more efficiently by avoiding spills. Oil from cars are a prime culprit of a spillage/stain that can impact the appearance of your driveway, causing it to look ugly. If your driveway isn’t sealed properly, the oil may even damage the surface if it is left too long, so make sure any spillages are cleaned appropriately with a professional driveway cleaning solution.

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5. Be Careful When Using/Carrying Sharp Objects

Shovels, rakes or ice chippers will damage your driveway, so be careful when using them in the nearby areas. The last thing you want to do is chip or crack your new concrete driveway.

Plastic shovels are a great alternative to metal ones (if you have a snowy drive) and won’t damage the surface. Where possible, avoid scraping or hitting the surface with metal or sharp objects.

6. Repair Small Cracks or Chips Swiftly

If you spy a small crack or chip in your driveway, make the effort to fix it quickly. If left for a long time, the cracks can worsen to leave greater sized, unsightly holes in your driveway. Concrete repair mortars are available to fix these kinds of issues – and your driveway will thank you for it!

Concrete Crack Repair Mortar

So there you have it – the 6 top tips on how to look after your concrete driveway. Whether you have a new driveway, you are looking to refurbish your current one or you are planning for the future, these top tips will stand you in good stead when it comes to making sure your concrete driveway looks good and stays protected through the ever-changing seasons.