Central Paving Install Quality Block Paved Driveways across Ripley

Offering quality block paving services to local clients, Central Paving feel that we should be first choice among those of you looking for a company that specialises in block paving in Ripley.

As a company operating in the Ripley area, we have a highly experienced team of installers who carry years of knowledge, skill and expertise from installing block paving driveways/patios. Our extensive knowledge enables us to deliver expert advice and install the very best in terms of high quality block paving solutions.

Block Paving Excellence

When it comes to block paving in Ripley, Central Paving are here for you, delivering outstanding paving services to those who live locally.

With a strong passion for delivering top quality finishes, we believe that we should be your only port of call when looking for a new driveway and/or patio. We also believe that first impressions count and, with that thought in mind, encourage anyone looking to enhance the exterior of their home to get in touch with Central Paving and talk to us about the different options available to you.

Block Paving Services in Ripley

When you are looking for a new path, patio or driveway, our block paving services will be beneficial to you. With each and every one of the paving services we offer in Ripley, we seek to deliver the very best for our clients. When satisfaction is the name of the game, Central Paving come up trumps every time. We work hard to deliver the results you need, on time and within budget. We treat your property as if it was our own, paying attention to detail and taking care with every brick we lay. This way we can be sure to deliver the very best service for our customers and continue to grow as a business.

We have been providing block paving services in Ripley for some time now, with an ever growing portfolio and reputation to back our experience up. Whether you have found us online or have been referred to us by a friend, we appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read more about our services. The best thing to do, should you be interested in finding a company that offers professional block paving in Ripley, would be to get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly team regarding your needs.

Paving the way to SUCCESS

No matter the size or colour you want for your block paving driveway, we will attempt to work to your ideas and your ambitions. Our dedicated team of installers are more than passionate about meeting our clients requests and will find our what you want to achieve with your new block paving driveway or patio. We will work closely with you to design a personalised block paving driveway that suits both you and your home, putting your needs first.

We strive for complete customer satisfaction with every job we take on. We care about and value every customer and hope that you can see the effort we put into each and every block paving project we complete. We pride ourselves on the competitive prices we are able to offer, delivering value-for-money block paving surfaces for clients in and around Ripley.

Benefits of Block Paving Driveways

  • Low Maintenance
  • Visual Appeal
  • Durable and Hard Wearing
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Easy to Repair

Contact Central Paving for a Quote

If you are searching for the best block paving driveway company in Ripley, you don’t need to look any further. Central Paving has a team of dedicated installers who are fully qualified and committed to delivering the results you need for your home. We are constantly aiming for success and love nothing more than seeing the look on our customers faces when they see their new block paving surface.

Please take the time to contact us and ask for a quote. Whether you live in Ripley or the surrounding areas, we will gladly talk to you about your block paving options and can provide you with a custom quote in person should you wish for us to visit your property.

Block Paving FAQs

Can block paving be laid all year around?

Block paving is suitable to be laid all year around. Although if you have block paving installation carried out in the winter, the process is likely to be slower, due to the weather conditions. It is recommend that block paving shouldn’t be installed at temperatures over 30C or below -8C.

How far down do you dig?

At Central Paving, we only the dig to the necessary depth needed to lay your block paving. The total digging depth needed is the total depth of the blocks and sand combined. The average depth for most block paving installations is around 25-30cm.

What maintenance does my block paving need?

For the first few weeks, we recommend letting nature take its course. After a few weeks, it’s fine to go out and clean it on a regular basis. After 3 years it’s fine to give it a good thorough clean or have a sand and reseal carried out.

Once installed, how long can’t I use my drive for?

The digging of the base usually takes around 1-2 days depending on the base material. Our team will then lay the bedding of sand, at this stage you won’t be able to walk over it for a few hours. Once the blocks are installed you’ll be free to walk over it. However driving vehicles over the surface is prohibited until the sanding and compaction has been completed.

Is planning permission needed?

Planning permission isn’t usually necessary for block paved areas in Ripley. If you suffer from flooding problem or water runs into a public drain, then the council might need to be contacted to look at the drainage options available. All councils vary in their rules, so it’s always best to check.

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